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Real Estate

Beverly Capital is the primary investor in Juno Capital which was formed in 2010 to manage the real estate investments of Beverly Capital. Since 2010 Juno has become a significant owner of Class A farmland in the Midwest. In addition, Juno has invested directly into commercial real estate projects in the hospitality and multi-family housing sectors. Juno is also a significant investor in various private real estate related funds.


Juno Capital currently owns farmland in the Midwest.

We seek investments that exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Class A Highly Tillable Farmland
  • Alternative Income strategies including wind turbines, solar farms and custom farming
  • Partnerships with existing farmer tenants

Our Farms

  • England Farm
  • Spencer Farm
  • Brock Farm
  • Newberry Farm
  • McConnell Farm
  • Soper Farm
  • Hiller Farm
  • AFS Farm
  • Bols Farm
  • Schwarze Farm
  • Hall Farm
  • Petersen Farm
  • Rosen Farm
  • Zabel Farm
  • Sutter Farm

Real Estate Funds

We currently invest in numerous private real estate funds in multi-family housing, single tenant retail properties, and medical office buildings. We look for experienced managers with proven niche strategies.

Direct Real Estate Investments

We invest directly in stand alone real estate projects primarily in the hospitality and multi-family housing industries.